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About The Fans

#LucaToTheU Ibis Sticker

#LucaToTheU Ibis Sticker

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In honor of Luca Raskin, we have released the #LucaToTheU Ibis Sticker, the newest in the #LucaToTheU series. The profits will be donated to the Luca To The U Foundation which helps fund the clinical trials, clinics, and health care workers dedicated to finding answers on how Acute Myeloid Leukemia works, and more specifically, Luca’s subtype.

Please help us in supporting Luca's family by purchasing one of these stickers. On behalf of About The Fans and Luca's family, we are extremely grateful for your continued support! #CanesFam #StickForACause #LucaToTheU forever!

Please visit to donate directly.

Size: 3"

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